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Introducing The Whiteboard - Go From Blank Canvas To a Productive,
Leveraged & Highly Profitable business......
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Are You Doing or Playing Business?

What really is the goal of your business? A lot of business owners feel that just being busy and not productive is accepteble but the results of your day and your business define who you really are and not the amount of time you spend.

Make Opportunities Habits

The more opportunities you give yourself the better chance you have to succeed. Positive people see opportunities everywhere and create their own 'luck' while negative people do the opposite. Instinct and gut feel is crucial. Feel it and think back to when your gut took over or your instinct over powered everything. You did make the right decision and learn to use that to your advantage.

Cash Flow, Windfalls and Buckets

Understand the important of building the cash flow of your business first and than you can keep an eye out for 'windfall opportunities'and use those profits to invest in the next venture.

The Snowball Will Save You

Think of a snowball rolling down a hill and growing faster and faster as it creates momentum. The snowball in your business starts slow and small but rapidly increases over time. Relate many business practices to this including: emailing database, customer base, followers, revenue, etc..

The Online/Offline Blended Reality 

All businesses need a blend of online and offline presence. Newer age tech company's should incorporate the human element into there sales or products while 'older school' company's need to leverage the power of the internet into their businesses.
Chris Haddon
Author & Private Lender

Chris Haddon is an entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC Metro area operating real estate and internet businesses. Hard Money Bankers, LLC is a commercial lending company he co-founded in 2007 and quickly grew to 25mm in loan volume and 7 figure revenues. This launch required him to 1) raise 25mm in investor capital when he was in his 20s AND become an expert in web marketing to so quickly disrupt a market previously dominated by old school "mom and pop" operations.

Jason Balin
 Author & Private Lender

Jason Balin is a real estate entrepreneur based in Columbia, Maryland. He concentrates the majority of his time as a partner of Hard Money Bankers and the co-founder of Jason started investing in real estate in 2004 a few years after graduating with a B.S. in management from the University of Delaware. Jason has been featured as a speaker on many radio and Internet outlets as well as real estate investment groups

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This book was filled with great tips, tools, resources, and strategies. I am not a business owner myself; I work for the government, under bureaucrats, politicians, and several layers of management, limited by red tape. This quick read brought me to life. It got the juices surging, the ideas flowing, and most of all, me out of my seat and wanting to accomplish more. I could read this over and over again. Whether you are a business owner yourself, a salesman, a project manager, in HR, work in hotel management, whatever, this book can be very useful to you in refining and furthering your skill-set to be the best “version of yourself” you can possibly be. Highly recommend it.  -- Boogs79 (Amazon Review)

This book is not just for current or aspiring entrepreneurs, but also for those with a mind for business who like a fresh perspective on what it takes to succeed. It's a great read that is both very informative and insightful, so I highly recommend. -- Jim Ritchels (Amazon Review)

The ideas put forward by Chris Haddon and Jason Balin are really new to me. But, I am sure that they are very effective for a productive and highly profitable business. I am very much impressed by each and every words in the book. This book shows us how to achieve success by doing what we do best. Whether you're starting a business from scratch or you want to improve your career, this book can teach you how to conquer effectively. A whiteboard can do such a big magic in your life.  --Hugh Werthers (Amazon Review)

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